Month: January 2014

Honesty is more important than being the best

Social media has implicitly changed the way we interact with people.

We socially follow lives of more people than we engage with. We use more messaging than calling. We easily curate things we find interesting for our “friends” to see.

However there is one change in how we communicate I find quite fascinating.

Cyanide and Happiness Honesty Internet Art Comic

Cyanide and Happiness Honesty Internet Art Comic

Image Source: Cyanide and Happiness

Celebrities are now able to communicate directly with their fans. This is without any filters in between. They are able to control this message, usually with honesty. Honesty also applies when a trusted friend makes a good point or shares something you agree with.

Honesty is the new black. No spin, just honest.

This now extends to businesses and the way they communicate online. Traditionally all the online content or profile building is usually geared towards how they are the “best”. But without realising, recently, there has been a bridge building towards how an organisation is “honest”. They don’t necessarily blow their own trumpet but let the work speak for itself. They don’t scream about their awards, but showcase the LinkedIn profiles of their employees.

I am not necessarily clear whether honestly still “sells” as well. I certainly believe though people are more likely to give you a go if you are honest, rather than the self-proclaimed “best”.

Android will power Nest

I read a story in Quartz today that shared that Nest will be bigger than Android.

Android KitKat logoImage Source: Google

I agree with the author that Nest will be huge for Google but I don’t think this is about Android v/s Nest. The recent announcements around Android powering cars are a strong indicator of where Android is going. It already powers Chromecast and Google Glass.

I believe we are more likely to see Android power the next generation of connected devices including the ones Nest has already built. Android will power Nest, not compete with it within the Google ecosystem.

The real question is whether you will need a Google+ account?

Getting stuff done

No saying is truer – if you want to s*it done, give it to a busy person.

So many times I come across people who are big picture, well intentioned and accomplished. But most often, the people I find will deliver are people who are just plain hard working and have the persistence to find a way.

I keep going back to a select group of people when I really want stuff done. These are people who you know have no time and yet magically they will work out a way to make it happen.