Month: May 2014

Three industries set to be utterly defeated by self driving cars

Reading the announcement today about Google’s self driving car prototype, I couldn’t help but think of three industries being completely disrupted.

Self Driving Car PrototypeImage Source: Google

The first one that has been discussed a bit so far is that of car insurance. With a significant reduction in car accidents, the car insurance industry is set to be out of business.

The second one, which is less obvious is how Uber and other taxi dispatch services will completely kill the current taxi industry business model. Uber is Google Ventures’ largest investment, and I can see why. We will likely find a situation where taxi drivers will be out of jobs, and effectively taxi dispatching technology providers will extend their software to self-driving cars.

Thirdly, the breathalyzer industry which is worth $55Bn in the US alone will have its own drop in business. You don’t need to check whether someone has had too much alcohol before or during driving.

I have no doubt there will be other industries that will have a similar impact including positive impact. For example imagine an app ecosystem for entertainment in the car.